Love for their mother-land where Albanians really have demonstrated in more than one occasion, with their actions not only by risking thier own lives but even thier whole family and relatives.
Albanians that left Albania during and immediately after the end of the Second World War for America and other countries throughout Europe lived in languish in their small communites with no work and little knwoledge of language. In America they were several thousands in the New York. As they knew that Albania was in the hands of the Soviet Empire they thrived on emigree politics. Those years, not many of Albanians lived in cities like London or Paris and their life must have been lonely and poor.

Albanian people are the only ones that really took up the arms and fought against Stalin’s Empire. Even though they suffered and did not succeed in their missions they were happy to do so and without hesitation they would have tried again and again to show that they really were committed to free Albania of communism. Some of them been sent to Albania after 1944 lost thier lifes, their comrades, wifes and brothers who were killed in reprisal. Even so, they have no regrets and have said, the attempt was worthwhile.

There was a breif alliance that exsited between British-Americans and Albanians. Big nations sponsored them in 1949 in a mission against the communism. Britain and United States mounted a military operation in time of peace against Albania (the Soviet block) has been one of the best-kept secrets in the recent memory. In 1949, the aim of this operation was to overthrow the communist dicktatorship and te destabilise the whole Soviet Empire. Under the British and American agents supervision small groups of Albanian emigrees, exiles were trained for inflitration into the country where they were supposed to distribute propoganda, carry out sabotage, recruit local men and prepare for a more substantial invasion. This plan failed because the British- American co-ordination over the operation was in the hands of none other than Kim Philby. Kim Philby was a senior member of the British Secret Service but later on was revealed that he was a Soviet agent. This account has been taken from ”The Great Betrayal”