Suddenly thought about of good impressions of wellknown politicians, literary and artist that have visited Albania through centuries!

These good qualities are perseved and kept in the Albanian’s soul generation after generation.

If we refer back to what Lord Byron wrote to his mother when he went to visit Ali Pacha at Tepelene ( 1809) is very thrilling.  In one of his letters he explains to his mother when he parted  from Ali’s son Veli Pacha, Lord Byron wanted te offer him something for his services but Veli siad to him that ” I don’t want your money but your love”. Lord Byron continues to write to his mother of being really impressed for Albanian’s pride and specifically the being impressed by thier clothes. In his visit in Ali’s Pacha Palace Lord Byron was given an Albanian costume as a gift.  In this occasion he says to his mother that ” the Albanians are the most hadnsome race in the whole world” and he comments on the beauty of their costumes and says ” their costumes are made of velvet and have a lot of gold on”. The Albanian traditional costume is today displayed at Bath Museum England.  Lord Byron’s foto is displayed at the National Galery in London. He looks on that picture, magnificient.  It is worthy mentioning that their  costumes with bright colours or examples of that have been featured on the books of the English painter Edward Lear. In one party organized in London by the Queen Victoria  1948  where some of the participants appeared on Albanian costumes.