Elbasan Library. This is from the newspaper owned by Lef Nosi before and after the independence of Albania.  This is an obituary of the death of Aubrey Herbert who gave so much to the cause of Independence of Albania. His contribution is well known to me. Curiosity about the correspondence Aubrey had with Lef Nosi prompted me to browse these old newspapers. The moment that I noticed this article I  was very thrilled. I was in the company of an  Englishman in the bookstore  where  I had to translate the content and during the translation I couldn’t stop the tears running down my face. I felt as if I’d gone back in time and experienced the death of this real gentleman as if it had happened that day! This noble man spent days, months, at different times in Albania and Kosovo with prominent people from 1908 until he left this world. He went to Kosovo – where he met Isa Boletin – to northern Albania where he met Ded Gjo Lulin in Shkoder, and Elbasan in 1913 where he met Lef Nosin. He also went to Vlora and Tirana. On 21 February 1920 in London he went to lunch with Lef Nosin, Mehmet Konitza and Sadik Tirana. They discussed the problem of the invasion of Durres by the Italians. They suggested that there might be an attack on the Italians to Aubrey. He responded: ‘ You fought the Turks and won the war  but your neighbours didn’t thank you for that.  The Balkans are killing and eating you up”. If you attack the Italians you may win but you will end up in the same position. At the end of February 1920  America insisted that information about the Adriatic was publicised as President Wilson did not agree with the Anglo-French plan for the partition of Albania (This account comes from “Albania’s Greatest Friend”).