Albania had a dear friend  Colonel Aubrey Herbert! He supported Albanian delegation in London  te declare Albania an independent country.With his great support Albania became a member of the United Nations. For this contribution he was awarded the Order Naim Frasheri in 2002 by the President of the Republic of Albania.
Balkan War with their army had won against the Turkish regime and their  army captured cities like Shkodra, Kosovo, Janina and Manastir. In such difficult conditions to those times of prominent men met in Vlore Albania and declared independence on 28 November 1912. They formed the Provisional Government, which its power extended itself  no farther than Vlora for the sole reason that the Greeks had besieged the city. Here begins the story of a newly formed state which does not inherit any form of budget, no administration whatsoever and not any kind of experience on leading the country. The declaration of independence was only one date over the years where the big powers of that time refused to recognise Albania as an independent country.
Albania in May 1913 still did not have a leader. Albanian delegation in London wished to have a British leader. Ismail Kemal Bey Vlora take the opportunity and asked Colonel Aubrey Herbert to become King of the Albanians. In those years the same thing happened to other countries in the Balkans where the big powers set for future leaders and they wanted to do the same thing for Albania. But the British Government did not like the idea of it’s citizens outreach throne elsewhere. So Aubrey refused Qemali Ismail’s request. Aubrey Herbert Royal throne of Albania was offered twice and refused . This brief summary is from the book published 2011 Albanian’s Greatest Friend.
Maybe Albania would have had a different view today if this wonderful man accepted the offer to be the King of the Albania!